Mahyar Tahmasbi


Mahyar Tahmasbi was born in 1985, Tehran. He is a Setar and Cello player and also he is a composer. He started playing music when he was a child.
In 1999, he won the second prize for his performance in “National Youth Music Festival of Iran”, and in 2001 he won the first prize and special prize in music performance of the same festival.
In 2003 he started his music studies at the “Fine Arts Faculty, University of Tehran” and graduated in 2008.

He also won the best composition prize for “Sodadokht” theater in the “Women Theater Festival” in Tehran. He joined Leyva trio and performed in some festivals in Tehran and Poland.
He participated in the “Simorq” project which was composed by “Hamidr Motebassem” and in collaboration with “Homayoun Shajarian”, which was published on CD and DVD. He also performed with this orchestra in Iran, Germany and the Netherlands conducted by “Mohammadreza Darvishi” and “Houman Khalatbari”.
He collaborated with OKF orchestra (Austria Cultural Forum) conducted by Christian Schultz.

Mahyar is a founding member of the Pallett fusion band, and published 4 albums with this band named “Mr. Violet”, “TehranSmile!”, “Endless Ending” and “Prime Meridian”.
He performed with Pallet band in many cities of Iran, Europe , Brazil and the USA.
The Pallet Fusion Band has won the Barbad prize for the album “Prime Meridian”

Mahyar collaborated with other musicians like Robert van Halzen, Gilbert zu Knyphausen, Mahyar Alizadeh, Makan Ashkevari, Arash Hazhirazad, Maziar Younesi, Kamakan Band, Lyra Duet, Milad Derakhshani and Bomrani Band.
His contribution with the composer “Mahyar Alizadeh” was published on the CD called “Without Me”. He has published an album called “kamakan” with Kamakan band and also the album “Desert of Kavir” with Lyra Duet.

He has collaborated with Arshid Azaran and Habib Meftah and the project led to a festival called “Spring of Iranian Jazz”, which was held in Paris in 2022. In the same year, he was also present at the “September ME” festival in Amersfoort. He has collaborated with Aftab Darvishi on her album called “A Thousand Butterflies”

At the moment Mahyar is working on Palletts band’s fifth album.
He is now a Master student of the Rotterdam Codarts University and at the same time he is working on his solo album.

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