Stift Festival “Limited Edition”

It is a tremendous joy to be able to announce the reimagined Stiftfestival 2020 – Limited Edition. Allthough we are sad not to be able to greet all the artists and friends in August that had originally been imagined, it makes us extremely happy that this 16th Stiftfestival will take place!
It is in these unusual and disconcerting times something unbelievably precious and somehow magical to be able to make music again, to share the stage and, maybe above all, to share the festival spirit with these wonderful musicians from all over the world, and with you, our audience.

Programme published

Special Stiftfestival

Each year, at the end of August, the Dutch Twente region is the stage for chamber music. A selection of renowned international musicians is playing here, side by side with the terrific “Stift Young Artists”. Over 30 concerts in nine days, from intimate chamber music by candlelight in the medieval Stiftskerk to the Festival Orchestra, film screenings, family concerts, “Stift Unbound” and open air operas at stunning Twickel Castle.


Zomer Stiftfestival

Stift Festival 2020: August 23 – 29

The programme for the 2020 Stift festival will be published in June. Please follow us on social media, or via this website.

Midwinter Concerts

On the last Saturday of 2019, a great number of music lovers enjoyed the last music event of the year in “our” Stiftskerk in Weerselo. There were three concerts to attend, each with its own colourful and festive athmosphere.

Thanking our sponsors

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