Top musicians who perform world-class chamber music in a special, intimate and rural setting and put the beauty of Twente in the spotlight. That’s the Stiftfestival!

– December 28/29 ’23: Midwinter Festival in Stiftskerk
– August 17 to 25 ’24: 9-day festival throughout Twente
– April 29 to May 5, ’24: Stift Musical Encounters

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It is a great pleasure to announce the fifth edition of the Stift Musical Encounters from 29th of April – 5th Mayat 2024. This will be held once again in and around the hub of the Stiftfestival in the  beautiful and historic Stift in Weerselo, Holland.


Zomer Stiftfestival

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More concerts

During the last days of the year, we organise the Midwinter Festival in “our” Stiftskerk in Weerselo. Six concerts in two days, each with its own colourful and festive atmosphere.