Tatjana Weller

Tatjana Weller

Tatjana Weller started to study the clarinet at the age of 16 at the music conservatory in Munich as a youth scholar. In 2014 she began her studies in music education in Würzburg, Germany. After a year in Toulouse, France, she continued her artistic studies parallel to music education. First in Würzburg, then in Weimar with Thorsten Johanns.

Tatjana Weller is involved in educational and artistic projects in equal parts. She has experiences in leading choirs, teaching the clarinet and giving music lessons in schools. Several projects, like concert tours to Georgia, France and Dubai increased her passion for chamber music in general. Tatjana Weller was a pricewinner of the chamber music competition “Fischer-Flach”, scholar of the “Deutschlandstipendium” and is working on experimental and interdisciplinary approaches to classical concert settings as academist of the “Tonali Bühnenakademie” in Hamburg.

Since May 2022 Tatjana Weller plays the clarinet and bassclarinet as a permanent member of the “Thüringer Symphoniker”.

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