About us

The Stiftfestival offers a musical experience of international top quality. The program combines music with other cultural forms such as song, literature, art and dance. Historic churches and estates in the beautiful Twente scenic landscape form the backdrop to this annual nine-day festival.

Our ambition is that a large and diverse audience experiences pleasure, emotion and inspiration through this total experience of music, culture, landscape and nature.

The festival works with volunteers and freelancers. The board is unpaid and acts in accordance with the principles of the Cultural Governance code.

Who we are

Team of volunteers during SME

Artistic direction

Daniel Rowland

Business management

Ilonka van den Bercken


Björn Jansen, Annemarie van Huet

Production team

Annemarie van Huet, artist management/ticketing Jurriaan Poesse | Irene de Haan, event managers Harold Snippert, head of technology Anne Bareman, transport coordinator Jessy Meiser, librarian Ineke Luberti | Marijke Klaas, volunteer coordination

Marketing & PR

Leontine Zantinge Faffie Melief, friends coordinator


Patrice van Riemsdijk – chairman Rodney Mooij – treasurer Meta Vaandrager Yasmin Hilberdink Jan Melief Marcel Wijnen


Mrs. Anny Blenken Bledenstein


la rotonde du monde | websites

Support us

Friend, Donor, Sponsor or legacy

You can support our Festival in various ways: as a Friend, Sponsor or through a legacy.


The Stift International Music Festival Foundation has the status of a cultural ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling).

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