Stiftfestival August 2022

“Song of the Earth”

Nine days of musical joy for musicians and audiences


Richly varied
Artistic director Daniel Rowland put together a beautiful, richly varied program with the theme ‘Eastern Wind’. Daniel says about this: “Ever since my childhood at the Stift I was totally fascinated by the music and culture of Russia. As a kid I listened endlessly on my gramophone to the inspired, passionate and incredibly exciting music of Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Mussorgsky, Prokofiev and the many others. A world opened up for me and I dreamed that I secretly had Russian blood myself. Later I studied with great, inspiring violinists from Moscow and St. Petersburg, made my solo debut there at the age of 19, and the fascination has never passed!


This year, recordings of concerts were made by ConcertoMedia. The passionate professionals of this audiovisual company from Enschede filmed and taped 12 of the 23 concerts, and streamed the recordings via our own website. Audio was provided by Harold Snippert. One could buy a ticket for 5 euros and experience a live stream at home.


Most of the Stift musicians have known each other for years. They regularly meet during this and other festivals worldwide. All of them are taken by the charms of the romantic Stift Church, the other venues, the loving audience and the famous hospitality and “gezelligheid” of this Summer festival.