Stift Festival August 2020

“Limited Edition”

A week of musical excellence: a joy for both audience and musicians

Stiftfestival 2020: different and beautiful

After an exciting week, in which Beethoven predominated, where 27 musicians performed 23 concerts at 8 locations in Twente, we are looking back at Stiftfestival 2020 with great pleasure. More than 1,200 people were able to attend live concerts, and thousands could enjoy our concerts online via this website, through the livestreams.

Listening to live music extra special
“An amazing festival edition,” says artistic director Daniel Rowland, “the organizational run-up, the excitement of all musicians being able – and eager – to join, the disappointment when David & Corinne had to cancel two days in advance due to travel restrictions to and from the UK. The joy, especially, to be able to put together a powerful fiery program together with our dear musical old friends, and with new, mostly Dutch, well-known musicians.

We noticed from the great enthusiasm and warm applause of the audience that listening to our music live was now experienced as something special. The livestreams also allow thousands of people worldwide to follow the Stiftfestival or look back at our concerts. Thus, “Limited” has actually become “Unlimited”! “

Passion and craftsmanship with due observance of rules
“Quite a challenge this year,” says chairman Patrice van Riemsdijk after the final concert at Twickel Estate. “Above all, we wanted to enable the passion, the craftsmanship of top musicians and the pleasure in making and experiencing music in a time when this is no longer self-evident. It is great how Daniel, like a true juggler, always managed to adapt the program. We were delighted that the musicians agreed to come with confidence and played their concerts with fervor. The many dedicated volunteers and the festival staff made all this possible, make such a week special.

This edition was an inspiring journey of discovery, especially to choose the locations and concerts in such a way that as many people as possible could enjoy while respecting the current covid rules. Both the new outdoor locations with “walking concerts” and the final day at Twickel were in any case also a great success.”


This year, recordings of concerts were made by ConcertoMedia. The passionate professionals of this audiovisual company from Enschede filmed and taped 12 of the 23 concerts, and streamed the recordings via our own website. Audio was provided by Harold Snippert. One could buy a ticket for 5 euros and experience a live stream at home.


Most of the Stift musicians have known each other for years. They regularly meet during this and other festivals worldwide. All of them are taken by the charms of the romantic Stift Church, the other venues, the loving audience and the famous hospitality and “gezelligheid” of this Summer festival.