Tomas Kildišius


The Lithuanian-born singer Tomas Kildišius (1995) was already surrounded by music in his school days. In his native Molėtai, he sang in six different choirs and ensembles (despite a very small population – around 7000 – the city has many musical groups). Tomas first appeared on stage as a soloist at the age of 13. After winning a national youth competition in Lithuania, he decided to study opera singing.

In 2014 he started his singing studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. In 2015 he won the Grand Prix in the international competition for young singers “Kaunas Sonorum 2015”. Shortly afterwards he started taking lessons with Konrad Jarnot in Düsseldorf. In 2020 he completed his bachelor’s degree at the Robert Schumann University in Düsseldorf and continued his master’s studies with Prof. K. Jarnot. During his studies, he performed in several operatic roles.

Since 2018, Tomas regularly gives concerts with pianist Ani Ter-Martirosyan. Ulrich Eisenlohr and Hans Eijsackers contributed to the musical development of the duo.