Britten Jeugd Strijkorkest

led by Loes Visser

The Britten Youth String Orchestra was founded in 2007 by their conductor Loes Visser. She created the orchestra to provide a platform for young talented string instrument players that want to develop their skill in an inspiring, high level, and musically demanding environment. The joy to play wonderful music however is very important and always present. Loes Visser and the orchestra are closely related to the ArtEZ Conservatory in the Netherlands. The symbioses between the three yields fine young musicians that are ready to go on in a musical education at the conservatory.

The Britten Your String Orchestra aims to perform with young talented soloists and inspiring soloists of more experienced level. Every year the orchestra performs with the winners of the Britten Competition for string instruments. Among the great soloists that played with the orchestra are Daniel Wayenberg (piano), Liza Ferschtman (violin), Maria Milstein (violin), Gavriel Lipkind (cello), Charlie Siem (violin), Rosanne Philippens (violin), Carla Leurs (violin), Daniel Rowland (violin), Berndeta Astari (soprano) and Dominik Wagner (double bass).

Every year, the orchestra performs in about 20 concerts throughout the Netherlands and during the annual tour. The orchestra has performed several times for the Dutch Royal family and is a regular guest in Dutch theaters and country estate concerts.

At the end of each season the Britten Youth String Orchestra record a CD. The 11th CD has been launched. The CD’s were well received by Dutch classic radio and press and are often praised for their sound and profoundness despite the young age of the musicians.