Our passion

Each year, at the end of August, the Dutch Twente region is the stage for chamber music.

Personalities and ambiance

A selection of renowned international musicians is playing here, side by side with the terrific “Stift Young Artists”. Over 30 concerts in nine days, from intimate chamber music by candlelight in the medieval Stiftskerk to the Festival Ochestra, film screenings, family concerts, “Stift Unbound” and open air operas at stunning Twickel Castle. The gorgeous estates and ancient churches form the backdrop for a colorful, ambitious and very atmospheric festival, full of striking, adventurous musical personalities that take you on an emotional musical journey. 

Room for new music

Ever since the first edition, “Stift” has made a lot of room for new music and world premieres, woven into an imaginative thematic programming where beloved masterpieces go hand in hand with lesser known repertoire. Our mission is to bring together world-class musicians with an adventurous heart and a passion for communicating in lovely setting of the Twente nature, atmosphere and conviviality: We are delighted to keep you informed.

Welcome to the Stiftfestival!